A Teachers Tryst

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A Teachers Tryst

Note : This story is completely fictional!

This is a story about what happened to me four or so years ago. I went to a Catholic High School, and this is where my tale begins. My senior started off with a bang, my boyfriend and I had made it through a summer apart. My classes were good, and I was a social butterfly. I?d be booked all month for activities with my friends. Things suddenly went downhill in November, my boyfriend and I broke up. I lost my /friend/best-friend/">best friend to my ex-boyfriend. 

My only solace was one of my teachers. He understood me better than either my ex-friend or ex-boyfriend. Mr. Jenkins was my religion /teacher/">teacher, ironically enough. He was only twenty-five. He knew exactly what I was going through. We?d talk after school for hours, we?d get coffee and chat at a near by Dunkin Donuts, sometimes, too. 

I never really thought anything of it, because he acted this way with lots of girls at school. He really cared about us. 

One day during late February, there was a horrible blizzard and we were let out of school early. My car had broken down earlier that week and was in the shop, all that week I had gotten rides with friends to school, but they?d all left by the time that I was out of class. Wandering about the campus, I searched for someone who would be able to take me home. Finally, I came across my teacher, Mr. Jenkins, who I now called Rob. 

?Umm, Rob, would it be too much trouble, if I got a ride home from you??

?Hurry up. This storm is going to get worse before it gets better.? I ran with him to his car, in the driving snow. I got in, while he cleared off his car, waiting patiently. I was freezing; my hands were almost blue from being out in the cold so long without protection.

Rob got in the car about ten minutes later, shaking his head of the snow. As Rob started the car, I turned on the heater and rubbed my cold hands in the heat, trying to warm them. 

?So where do you live, Delia?? asked Rob, slowly backing up out of the space.

?Over by Potter Burns Elementary. Once you get there, I?ll show you the rest of the way.?

Rob started off, driving carefully. We didn?t even make it to my apartment, Rob hit a snow drift, and we ended up walking the block or so to his nearby home. ?God, I?m freezing! How much longer??

?Not much, come on, do you want me to carry you??

?No! I can walk, I?m not an invalid.? At that moment of moments, I fell and twisted my ankle on some black ice. ?Son of a?.ouch! Don?t touch it, it hurts.?

?Well, I guess I?m going to have to carry you the rest of the way.? He lifted me with ease. My 135 pounds seemed to weight nothing in his arms. I liked the way I fit into his arms. We got to his home in a record time, according to him, with no more mishaps.

He laid me on his couch, so he could take off his wet garments in the bedroom. Feeling like a puddle, I managed to shift around and get my coat and hat off, but my skirt and blouse were soaked, and I was shivering. 

?Rob, do you have any sweats or something I could borrow?? 

?Yeah, hold on a sec. Do you want tea or something??

?Yes.? I tried to get up off the couch and on to my feet, but I only ended up sobbing in pain on the floor.

?What did you try and do, Delia? You know that you shouldn?t be on your feet!?

?Well, I need to change before I get hypothermia.? My face flushed in anger, according to him. His eyes had flecks of gold in them.

?Calm down?? Rob?s face was inches from mine. My lips were trembling, not from the cold this time. Slowly, his lips lowered to mine. Then in one electrifying moment, we connected. It was amazing. Our lips parted and my tongue snaked out to touch Rob?s awaiting tongue.

As we pulled apart, I questioned what had just happened. His immediate reply was, ?Nothing! Nothing can happen, Delia. Absolutely nothing.?

?But something did happen! Rob, I think I want it to happen again.? I stroked his face, turning his eyes toward mine.

?You don?t understand, I?ll get in trouble for doing this.?

?No one will find out. No one has to find out.? I looked deeply into his eyes, and found that struggle going on in his mind. I stopped the struggle, by taking one of his hands and running it under my skirt, and kissing him deeply again. When we pulled apart this time, Rob didn?t complain, he picked me up in his arms and carried me to his bedroom. 

I nibbled on his neck, lightly, but I felt his pulse race. Placing me on his bed, Rob asked, ?Are you sure that you want to do this??

I unbuttoned my shirt, revealing my breasts in all there glory. ?What do you think??

?About your tits or the fact that I?m about to have illegal sex with one of my under aged students??

?Wow, you do have a way with words, Rob. If you don?t want to do this, then I can leave. Or we can just pretend that you haven?t kissed me, felt my crotch, or seen my tits? Your choice.?

?Delia, you leave me breathless.? He stripped off his clothing, leaving nothing to the imagination. Let?s just call him larger than average. He was buff, not built, but what the heck do you expect with a Religion teacher.

Getting on the bed, he helped me out of my skirt, ?You know I never did understand the Catholic School /skirt/girl-skirt/">girl skirt? Why wear something so revealing at a Catholic school??

?It?s so we can seduce you teachers?? he laughed, and began to seduce me, even if I didn?t need it. Kissing me from my lips to my pussy, Rob made me quiver more than the blizzard outside had. 

When he began to lick my pussy like there was no tomorrow, I moaned and xxx sex video download free com arched my body, giving him more access. I came on his face, and after regaining my strength, pushed him flat on his back. I liked and still do being in control. Let?s call it my inner dominatrix.

I mauled him, first attacking his face with my hungry lips, then working my way down his body. ?Rob, would you talk dirty to me??

?What?? He was lost in his own world of pleasure that I was giving him. 

?Talk dirty to me.?

?Oh?. Ok?.umm? you slutty school girl?ughhh?. Oh, rubbed me faster you whore!? 

I laughed at his pitiful excuse of talking dirty. ?Just stop, because I can?t concentrate when I?m laughing.?

?What?? He was coming back to this realm of being. ?What you didn?t like my dirty talk??

I laughed some more, until I couldn?t breathe. Suddenly, Rob had me pinned under him. ?So you find me funny? Huh? Come on Delia, just say it.?

I shook my head. But his lips were seeking my neck?s weak spot. I squealed like a little piglet when he found it. Pressuring me with pleasure, I burst forth screaming, ?You?re right! You?re right, I think that you?re funny when you try and talk dirty to me! Are you happy??

?No, I won?t be until I?m inside of you.? He mounted me, with his head rubbing softly at my entrance.

?You know I?m not a virgin, so you don?t have to be afraid of hurting me.?

?It doesn?t matter if you?re a virgin, I still don?t want to hurt you.? It was one of the sweetest moments of my life. He pushed into my cunt slowly, but swiftly. I gripped his back, my nails digging into his skin as my canal stretched to meet his girth. 

We got a rhythm going, and soon I was moaning like a bitch in heat. ?Oh, Rob! Robbie!! Oh, ohhh, fuck me! Fuck me, Rob!?

He was just as /bad/">bad? screaming out, ?Delia!! Oh, my Delia?. Milk me good?.? But minutes later, he started screaming that he was sexxxx video ful hd going to cum soon.

?Give me your delicious cum?. Shoot that milkshake into my mouth.? He didn?t make it. He came in my /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole, just as he was pulling out.

?Oh, shit, Delia! I?m so sorry? I meant for you to swallow it all??

?Crap? never mind? I don?t think that I?ll get /pregnant/">pregnant. I mean I don?t think I?m able to right now??

?Well, just to be sure, take a shower and try to get it out of you.? He kissed me intensely, and said that he was going to get some dinner together. ?I might even join you in the shower??

After digging most of the cum out of my pussy, I went to have some dinner with Rob. Wearing only his robe, I joined him in the kitchen. Looking about his home, I thought that it suited him perfectly. All the decorations on the wall, even the stupid photo of him and a few buddies in different funny poses was /cute/">cute. 

Walking up behind him, I covered his eyes with my hands and said, ?Guess Who??

?Um, my grandmother.?

?Unless you fuck your grandmother like no tomorrow, then wrong.?

?Oh, Candi the stripper from a few houses over.?

?It better not be.?

?The /gorgeous/">gorgeous woman, who amazes me, and who I?ve just had /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex of my life with??

?Better answer.? He turned around and kissed me. 

Undoing the belt of his robe, while he said, ?I believe that this isn?t your robe. I?m going to have to confiscate it. It?s stolen property.?

?Oh, I see. Then I guess that me being naked under that robe had nothing to do with the confiscation. Right??

?Right. No reason at all.? The waffles were burning, to charred crisps while Rob was mesmerized by my body.

Let?s just say that we didn?t eat dinner that night. And I called home saying that I was over my friend?s house, unable to come home because of the weather. And there was no school the next day.

*Next Delia and Rob Chapter to come later*