The Healer Part II

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The Healer Part II

The room became steamy to the point where Emily could no longer see her hand in front of her face. The healer had his hands in her hair now and was shampooing her with a rose scented soap that was dripping thick suds down her body. She couldn’t see the suds. She couldn’t see the healer. But she could feel it all. She could feel the soapy suds slip slowly down her body. She could feel the soapy suds slip down her breasts and hang for a second on her soft supple nipples before more suds and water pushed them off of their precarious position. She could feel the healer now. He is naked behind her with his hands still in her hair scrubbing her scalp.

The strength in his hands made Emily go limp. She had never been taken care of like this. He was in complete control. It was as if Emily had no choice but to give over her whole being to the strength in his hands. She leaned back a little against him and could feel his hard, full, penis against her back. Smooth and supple. She could feel his ripe penis head as it slipped along her soapy back. He moaned and she slipped her back along him as she did this he tugged on her hair a little making her close her eyes in /ecstasy/">ecstasy. This felt so good. She hadn’t taken care of herself lately. She had let herself go. He poured more hot water over her head and then coming in front of her he picked up her leg slathered it in foamy lotion and began to shave first her one leg and then her other. He then spread her legs and slathered foamy lotion all over her bushy pussy and then shaved it quickly and efficiently. old waman xxxgx He really seemed to be all business except his rock hard beautiful cock all juicy and /sensual/">sensual and so close to her dripping pussy and wet little mouth. She was extremely horny.

She felt her clit, swollen and highly aroused sticking out from between her shaven pussy lips. She looked down and couldn’t help but think that her shaven pussy looked so naked to her. It looked beautiful and vulnerable and open. She looked up to see him looking at her looking at her pussy. He laughed. ’Do you like that?’ he asked. ’Yes’ she whispered. He spread her legs further and bent to take her swollen clit into his mouth. ’Oh my god’ Emily moaned into the echoing bathroom. He licked and sucked and tongued her clit for a few more seconds and then pulled away ’do you like that?’ he asked again. ’Yes’. Oh my god yes’ Emily said in a shaky voice. He chuckled and got up ’I am not done with you yet’ he said as he filled his hands with a peach smelling exfoliate. He stood her up and gave her skin (the largest organ of the body) a good scrubbing. He even got behind her ears! By the time they got out of the shower, toweled off and robed in the softest of cottons, Emily felt like she was glowing from head to toe. The healer took her hand and led her to the living room and in front of the fire where he instructed her to disrobe. She did and so did he.

Naked. She wanted to move to him. He looked her over again and nodded in approval. ’Yes, you certainly are beautiful Emily. And it is not just your outer shell. There is much more in there. My erect penis is not just purely in reaction to those supple nipples, or the lovely way your breasts slope or the way your curves flow like sand dunes into your hips or the way your hips kiss the strength of your thighs or the lovely way your /feet/">feet ground you to the earth or the delicate way your hands taste the air ’ it is your eyes and the mind behind those eyes that is making me want to cream right here even before the healing begins. I don’t know you Emily. But I can see why it is I am here to do what I need to do. It is /women/">women like you that will change the world. I am honored to be in your presence’ the healer bowed his head in recognition. Emily smiled. She actually smiled and it came from her heart. Pure. Clean. Real.

He looked at her then ’the first part of this healing is going to hurt. It will feel like I am ripping you in half. Whatever wound you have received from this man has been scabbing over. Metaphorically I need to rip that scab off. You will literally feel this process. You have tried to cover your wound but under that cover this wound has festered and had become infected and has gone deep. I can see it on you Emily. It is a slash. It is as if you have been attacked. I can see that your womanhood has been deeply violated and taken advantage of. What sacredness you offered this man as a friend and lover has been tainted. He is poison to the beautiful ecosystem of your body and mind. We must re-open this wound to clean it out’. He then closed his eyes with his hands on his chest.

’Close your eyes Emily and breathe. I need you to visualize your pain. I need you to visualize your confusion. I need you to visualize everything you have given up. I need you to visualize the violence that this man has brought into the world’. Emily closed her eyes and easily remembered. She had actually missed him. She had actually thought about him as she closed her eyes at night. She remembered the way he smelled. She remembered that night that he was cold and she used her body to warm him. She remembered his body relaxing from shivering to sleeping again. She remembered when he came up behind her and kissed her shoulder as she washed her hands and then he grabbed a hand towel for her to dry her hands with out letting his hands go from around her waist. She remembered their conversations. Sometimes she made him laugh. Sometimes it was just them in a crowded room. A tear rolled down her cheek. ’I can’t’ Emily sobbed. ’I can’t do this’ Emily pleaded. But the healer didn’t open his eyes or stop his breathing. Emily remembered his cheating fantasies. She remembered no longer feeling special even when she had given up so much to be there for him. She remembered feeling confused. She remembered feeling alone.

She remembered feeling disrespected and lied to. She remembered him trying to cover up his stories and lies and deceit. She remembered being shit on. She remembered the mean things he had said to her as if he never even cared. As if he never even appreciated all that she had given up. The gift of herself just thrown to the ground and trampled on. He had turned from a friend to a monster. He had turned from a lover to a stranger. Tears poured down her face now. Emily felt the weight of the world on her now. She was being crushed. It wasn’t just him anymore. It wasn’t just what he did to her. It was the violence of the world that was crushing her now. It was all the lies. All the deceit. All the death and destruction. It was the human condition. It was all the horrors of the world and it was all pressing on her heart. She carried it all in her heart. She carried the pain of the world in her heart with her wherever she went. It was all coming to the surface now. Emily fell to the ground in a sobbing heap. She couldn’t breathe. She felt blackness pumping in her veins. She felt blackness pouring from her heart. She tasted war and death and extinction and destruction on her tongue. She tasted bombs, starvation, development, poison, fear, loss, emptiness.

She grabbed her head and she screamed and screamed and screamed and then fell back onto the pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace. The room spun round and round and round and then suddenly it all stopped. The world stopped. The room stopped turning. And then she felt it like a cool stream running through her from her third eye chakra to her root chakra. She looked up and the healer was kneeling next to her on the floor with his hands on her forehead. He was smiling at her now. ’I told you that would hurt Emily, I tried to warn you’ he whispered to her with eyes filled with compassion. ’You did wonderfully’. He told her to close her eyes for a while now and to just soak up the feeling of the stream running its cleansing course through her body. She did just that.

When she opened her eyes she was laying flat on her back in front of the fire. She felt like a child. She felt new. She stretched and moaned as she arched her back. Then she felt him. His presence. He was at her feet. She looked at him and could see again that his penis was swollen and hard. His eyes were half closed with passion. Without a word he put his warm hands on her legs and began to move his hands up and down her legs from her feet to where her thighs meet her pussy. ’You are still very much ripe for the healing’ he said as his fingers rubbed lightly over her clit that was still protruding from between her shaved pussy lips. He spread her legs then and looked her pussy over. Like a /doctor/">doctor he inspected her. He pulled her pussy lips apart and then fingered around her vagina. The pads of his fingertips pressed lightly all over her vagina. He pushed her legs over her head and spread her hole open looking inside of its moistness. He stuck a thick finger inside and felt around inside. Emily couldn’t help but feel aroused at this.

He was touching right on her G-spot. He was flicking it. She could feel his fingertips pushing along it. ’Oh my god ’ I think I am going to cumm’ she thought to herself. He kept on rubbing on her g-spot and as Emily’s legs began to shake he licked another finger tip and touched it to her swollen clit. Emily tried to not cumm. He was inspecting her. He was looking her over. Emily didn’t think he wanted her to cumm but my god it felt so good she couldn’t control it anymore. Suddenly her pussy began to convulse and her clit squirted juice and she toppled over into an orgasm that took her on a journey into pleasure. ’Good. That was a beautiful beginning Emily. There is more of that to come’. He took out his fingers and asked her to close her eyes. She did. She could feel him shifting and then she felt his wet fingertips on her lips. He was rubbing her pussy juice on her lips. ’Taste yourself’ he said. She stuck her tongue out to lick her lips. She tasted sweeter then she had ever tasted of herself before. She seemed to be different. Lighter. There was still muskiness there. A smell of years lived and experiences had. She didn’t feel different in the sense that all things and experiences had left her but there was purity to everything. Like the weight was gone. The guilt and pain and hurt were lessened. Her heart felt open. Tasting herself was like tasting a cake. He then told her to taste him. She kept her eyes closed and she felt him shift as he rubbed his penis head on her lips.

It was so smooth and he smelled so good she just wanted to open her mouth and take him all in. She wanted to taste him in the back of her throat. She wanted to taste him deep in her throat. She opened her mouth and licked his penis head a little. He moaned but told her ’Not yet. Keep your lips closed’. He rubbed the bokep sma pecah perawan little jewel of cumm that was slipping from his slit on her lips. ’Taste me’ he instructed as she stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. He tasted a little salty but he tasted almost of earth. Of fresh soil wet after a hard rain; fertile and dark and filled with billions of living thriving organisms. He tasted like the forests after leaves had fallen and the world is damp and getting ready to slumber. Emily opened her eyes to look at him. She opened her mouth and he knew what she wanted. He stuck the head of his penis into her wet, little mouth and then pushed into her openness.

She took him into her mouth completely. He pushed in deep. She lifted her tongue to meet his cock shaft as he pushed deeply in and then pulled all the way out. He played with her open lips with his cock head and then he would suddenly push all the way in again to the back of her throat. He moaned her name as he pulled all the way out. He looked her in the eyes as he began to cumm onto her lips. Emily waited until his cumm was all over her pouty lips. The healer bent down to her pussy and got his lips covered in her juices and then he came up to her and they kissed. Man and woman. Simple.

To be continued ... The Healer - Part III