Old mans aeroplane fantasy fulfilled Part 1

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Old mans aeroplane fantasy fulfilled Part 1

Gina, a 23 year old, was traveling all by herself in the plane’her flight was 18 hours long. She sighed to herself as she sat in her seat thinking what she was going to do for 18 hours. Surely one can’t keep on watching their entertainment videos throughout and she didn’t like reading that much either. She looked around for someone to strike a conversation with, but either she couldn’t catch anyone’s eye or many were already snoozing in the long flight. She was seated next to the window, with one other seat beside hers, occupied. He was an old man, about 70 years of age, and had headphones on and was watching some movie on the entertainment channel. She looked at him and smiled, and he smiled back and continued watching his movie. Soon dinner arrived and he put aside his headset and started eating and turned to her and asked ’So you traveling alone?’. ’Yes’, she said, ’I am going back home to continue studying. My summer break just ended’. Soon the stewardesses started clearing the trays of finished food, and presently ice cream was served as dessert. The old man was thankful for a /sweet/">sweet treat but Gina kept hers aside for later. Soon the lights in the aircraft were dimmed, and the old man took his blanket and settled down to get some shut-eye.

Gina was now extremely bored. She looked around for something to do to keep her occupied and then a thought entered her head. Ohh she should have done this before!! How fun it would be!! Just the thought of it aroused her so badly that she wanted to masturbate then and there’but not yet. She took her cold cup of ice cream and slowly put her hand in the old man’s blanket beside her and found his cock nestled in between his legs and pants, and slowly started rubbing the cold cup against his cock. The old man quickly got up in /surprise/">surprise and looked at her dumbfounded. She giggled and continued rubbing the cold cup blowjob porn videos against his cock, which was slowly getting hard. ’w-what are you doing’, milf porn videos the old man stammered’. ’Oh relax old man. I love a big /bad/">bad dick, especially an old man’s dick’, Gina said laughing.

The old man looked around but no one seemed to be noticing what was going on here. He started liking the coldness of it against his cock, and his cock was now going to burst out of his pants. ’Here let me help you’, and saying that Gina unzipped his pants and out came his erect cock begging for attention! It was big and oozing already. Gina cupped the throbbing dick in her hands and played with it for a while, stroking the length and rubbing it and squeezing it. The old man tried not to groan loudly..ohhhh he was enjoying this’he wished she would do more’he hadn’t been fucked for a long time. He just satisfied himself watching porn videos and masturbating himself’this was a dream come true!!

Gina opened her ice-cream cup and poured the now melted ice cream onto his hard erect and gooey cock. The old man jerked. ’Oh hurry up please do something’, he pleaded, ’I am an old man, be kind’. Gina giggled and slipped under his blanket and took his cock in her mouth and sucked it. The old man jerked forward, pushing his cock more into her eager mouth’ohh how she sucked’how she licked’her tongue flicking on and on his cock’he was going mad’ohhhh he wanted more’on and on she sucked his creamy cock’he sighed and groaned softly and thrusted his cock into her mouth, jerking forward harder and harder’he was amazed no one was noticing their fuck-frenzy!! It reminded him of the /hot/hot-porn/hot-porn-videos/">hot porn videos he used to watch to jerk off’and right then he orgasmed and shot /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth. Gina greedily swallowed the whole load of it, and quite a lot it was! ’Wow, not bad at all for an old man’’, she said and then she stopped sucking him and came back to her seat. She opened the front buttons of her blouse and out spilled a big titty. She pulled his head onto her boob and thrust it in his mouth and he sucked her tit like a baby’on and on he sucked and licked and slurped and nibbled’she took his hand and inserted it into her pussy. She was drooling wet!!

He thrust 3 fingers into her and rubbed her clit. She moved against his hand, urging him to take it deeper’’come on old man u can do better’suck my clit’.come on’’ The old man got down on his knees, his cock still erect and sticking out from his unzipped pants, and he pulled down her soaking panties and spread her legs wide on the aeroplane seat’she thrust her pussy to his face and yanked his head down to suck her off’he thrust his tongue deep into her and licked and slurped her clit’’Oh yes old man’yes’just like a slurpee’slurp it yes!!’ His whole face was between her legs and he was sucking her clit for all he was worth’she ground her pussy in his face’’Don’t stop old man’I never knew old men could suck sooo good’.ahhhh’ She orgasmed in his face and squirted her pussy juice in his face and he lapped it up thirstily’he didn’t stop but kept on licking and sucking, thrashing his tongue on her clit’she jerked into his face and then he stopped. He zipped up his pants and sat back breathless on his seat’still amazed that no one had seen them!

’We have 18 hours to go old man...and I love an old man’s cock’’said Gina.