Hap Part three

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Hap Part three

One day we were assigned to brig duty. We stood four hours on then 8 hours off, and then 4 on followed by 12 off. The first day Hap had the 4 to 8 while I had the 8 - 12. That evening I arrived down at the brig about 10 minutes or so before my tour started. The Brig was located right next to a compartment where part of the ship crew slept. There were two cells with a small area between them. Both cells were occupied. Reynolds was in one on the right with Peterson in the other cell. There was an exterior door with a small opening separating the brig from the compartment. At night, we closed this outer door so that the light in the section between the two cells, which was always on, did not disturb the sailors. The doors on each of the cells were steel mesh with a steel bar across which was padlocked. Outside of the brig, you could sit on the wwwxxx a small bench. 

I went on down to the brig to relieve Hap and assume the watch as always I checked out his crotch. Man he had a giant hard on which I pretended not to notice. Said Hi and was about ready to make the switch. When Hap said sure but these guys have been taking about sex and getting blowed the whole time I have been on watch. Look what they made me do. He then outlined that great /hard/big-hard/big-hard-cock/">big hard cock which he had run down his trousers leg. Having sucked on that /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock so many time my mouth started to water as I looked down. Wanted so much to just reach out and feel it, then suck it. Made a non-committal comment relative to his obvious hard on and his reference to getting blowed. Gave me a hard on just the short time I saw it. Figured maybe he got it hard just to tease me but figured out later that was a set up by him and guys in the brig for things, which were to come.

Now the two prisoners started talking about how hard up they were and how good a blowjob would feel. Reynolds tended to be the quiet one but the most attractive. About 5' 7" or so 145 pounds, clear skin, nice dark curly hair, a real turn on. Peterson was the more vocal and, I surmised, to have probably had more experience than Reynolds. After a bit figured Hap must have told then I had sucked him off. Tried to figure out how and why he would tell them. Knew he would not just come out and tell them, since now he would also be in hot water if the word got out. In those days you were called a Queer and as a minimum discharged with an undesirable discharge but may also face courts martial. Think what happened was they were talking about sex and getting blowed and teased him about never having been blowed, being a cherry, etc. That would be too much for Hap, he ended up telling them he was getting it regularly. Then one thing then led to another. Am sure that it is how it unfolded. 

The comments continued nothing-loud just general conversation about sex and being sucked. How hard up they were, how long it had been since they had gotten off and how /bad/">bad they needed to get off. Peterson went on to describe the detail about a few times when a "queer" had picked him up and sucked him and how great it felt. At one, point Peterson started to sort of hum and sing a little ditty. "Oh what a wonderful feeling I will have about 11 tonight." Then he would look at me smile and wink. Took both up for a final piss call, when they were finished both took their time shaking their cocks and putting them away. 

When it was time for them to sack out Peterson looked at me and said boy sure could use a good blowjob tonight, he sort of smiled winked and rolled over as if to go to sleep. It was now obvious they knew I sucked and both, Peterson in particular, wanted to be serviced. Nothing would please me more that swinging on both of their cocks. Knew they, have been in the brig for almost a month and not been able to get off during that period. Was afraid to take the chance sure wanted to take their cocks and suck them dry but was not sure if I should take the risk or not. It would be bad enough if you were caught doing a guy but being on duty and doing a guy your in charge of would without a doubt mean lots of brig time.

The guy in charge of the guards made regular checks on us. Making sure we are not goofing off, falling asleep on duty and naturally making sure the prisoners were not getting away with anything and were OK. On the 8-12 PM watch, which was mine, expected the guy to come down and inspect us some time around 11 or so. Then he would get some sleep, come down, and inspect the 12-4 watch early in the morning. They had to check on us at least once each watch. To wwwxxx try to fool around without being sure when he would not come down was pretty chancy. 

Had a debate with myself whether to go ahead and suck their cocks or not. So wanted to suck those two guys. They obviously wanted it also. Finally, at about 10:30 or so decided to enter their cells and suck them off. Remember going into the brig, closing the outer door then slowly and quietly unlocking the lock and lowering the bar on Reynolds cell. The prisoners slept on bunk sized cotton pads on the floor with a blanket. Once I had, the cell door open knelt down by Reynolds and ran my hand up under the blanket toward his cock. As I reached his cock, which was semi hard, he opened his eyes. I asked is this what you want? He whispered yes, have been waiting for you. 

I then pulled the blanket away unsnapped and pulled down his shorts. Placed my hand on his nicely filled balls and bent down and took his cock in my mouth. Lovely proceeded to work on his cock, which by now had grown to a very respectable size. Could feel his cock get larger and harder as my tongue went round and round on that head. Would take it real deep then back off and work on the head again. Knew he was getting close as he started to move his hips. About then Peterson woke up looked over and saw me doing Reynolds and whispered "Hey do me next." Had planned to suck his cock also but just nodded yes, as I took Reynolds deep again. Just about then, Reynolds let fly with a huge load. Thought he would never stop shooting that nice hot /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth. Sucked on it until it started to soften, made sure I had every drop of that warm creamy cum. Pulled his shorts up, put the blanket over him and went out closing and locking the door behind me. Now it was Peterson's turn.