Holiday Sex in Turpan

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Holiday Sex in Turpan

I sneak over to his room at about 11:40.. Heart racing
I stand in front of his door, not long..
He spies me through the eyehole in his room door and he opens the door slowly
and welcomes me silently into the dimly lit room.
I see he's wearing some pajamas...
while I.. I was wearing jeans and that pink top he loves..
I change into the skirt, the smooth material brushing against my legs.
I feel his eye upon me as I change..
I get dressed and he slowly takes in the sight
[later on that last 4 hour plane ride together, he tells me that he had a massive as he gazed at me dressed like that..]
he holds me close and pushes me onto the bed.
the edge of the bed. 
proceeds to kissing me all over
he drools all over my neck
messes with my hair. the black locks are everywhere under me.
grabs my ass 

he pushes me more toward the center of the bed.
I rest my head on his comfy pillow, the white sheets under me
our bodies sprawled on the bed.
by now he's on top of me.
I feel the weight of his warm body pressed against mine.
He closes his eyes and whispers in my ear, "beautiful..."
my skirt gets pushed bunches around my waist
he pulls my panties down, tosses them off somewhere.
hands dance across me as we get engrossed in a long lip lock
he nuzzles my clit, starts to lick and kiss me there
closed my eyes and moaned softly, he covers my mouth with his soft hands, warning me not to disturb people next door. 
I reassure him that I wouldn't. 
he caresses my breasts. kisses them. plays over the nipples with his tongue. 
he swerves back over to my ear and murmurs that 'ur pussy is sooooo'
he goes back to licking me there..
tells me that it tastes oh so good. asks me how it feels. 

he gets up and asks me to blow him. 
I reach into his pants hungrily
I play with the shaft, the head. I suck his balls gently..
"ohoh it's coming out..", he moans
I swallow xnxxv sunny leone video and lick it all up..

then we do 69.. I flip around and continue blowing him while he licks me.
I tease his thing and run my wet tongue all over his balls as well.

after a while, he hands me a packet of condoms and licks me all over while I get it open.
the plastic wrapping wouldn't budge until I tore it off with my teeth.
he puts one on carefully and im kissing his neck.
ohh he lifts up my lower body and slides it in
he pushes gently
I feel the lips part and a bit of pain as it goes in.
he pushes against me slowly again. and again.
I grasp the edge of the bed.
he takes up my hands and holds them tight in his own hands. 
he tells me to squeeze his hand if he's making it hurt somewhat.
one after another, soft moans escape me

we get into another position.. me on my side and one of my legs over his shoulder..
then into another one, where im on top and he's reclined, relaxed, and loving it, while I go "up and down"

ungh.. he brings it. he pushes hard and deep. ohh it was so fucking awesome. I wanted more. he gave me more. 

we burrow back down, comfortably deep in a midst of blankets and pillows. 
he cuddles at first but then began to go at my neck like a wild sexy beast.
I do the same thing.. and he's "mm, go girl go..oo yesss"
I rest my head on his chest and I hear his heart pounding frantically
I move his shirt up and licks him all over.. he moans 
I slide my tongue over his "man tits" and he groans some more
he fingers me.. mm

he looks at me with a smug expression and whispers, "hah u finally got fucked by me. told u that I would get down there.."
he picks up my panties and sniffs them, drawing in the scent. he thought it smelt awesome as well.
so then he fingers me some more.. and then hugs my legs a long time for some reason. XD
he kisses me and we roll around in bed some more. he mumbles something real forced anal against her will like, "mm I never wan this moment to end. wan it to last. forever. I love u. don't leave just yet.." 
I think I must have cummed like twice or 'thrice' by then.

by now we were exhausted. being warm and happy would make anyone tired
it was like 2 am. we almost both fell asleep. 
yeah that would have been awesome too but then we were on china alive, in hotel rooms and not living together alone in the same house or anything.
so I got up, got dressed, received a few last kisses and left..
I had to tiptoe past the rooms, go down the fire escape and get back into my own room. at first I thought the door wouldn't budge, but really it was just old, and stubborn. luckily for me it wasn't creaky.